Company Profile

Direct Exporting - This is a typical exporting system. It's company-owned export department in which a we export tiles directly to companies or consumers in foreign countries. In this arrangement, We have complete control over the marketing and distribution of its goods and services, distribution, sales, pricing, and other business choices. Most exporters don't utilize this system. Many companies depend on one or several specialized export channels outside their organizations. But we choose direct routes only. Direct exports are sold through foreign-based parties and Indirect exports are sold through home-based proxies or resellers.





To make a contribution to the world by making best ceramic tiles for the mind that advance humankind. It’s critical to check in with ourselves about the intention behind our feedback. In other words, Now are we giving it in the first place. We genuinely want the other more success for out future.

Our vision is the set the example that India can product best quality ceramic tiles and vitrified tiles. That's why we have set ceramic tiles benchmark in India. Our vision for 2021 is have export in more than 100 countries.